A site-specific commission for GOMA by Fallen Fruit


As part of 'Harvest: Art, Film + Food' at GOMA from 28 June to 21 September 2014, Fallen Fruit present a site specific installation of the pineapple. Fallen Fruit of Brisbane: Pineapple Express! 2014 comprises of a major photographic-collage pineapple wallpaper, video and a large-scale cabinet of pineapple-related objects and paraphernalia featuring objects from local members of the public.

Thanks to:

Thank you to the following people for their contributions towards Fallen Fruit of Brisbane: Pineapple Express! 2014:

Albie Allan, Amelia van Ravenswaay, Analie Lally, Andy Monks, Angelina Martinez & Paul Andrew, Anna Jacobson, Annabelle Crow, Ashleigh Newbery, Betty Grigg, Bianca Batstone, Bronwen Jones, Cameron Parker, Cate Strange, Claudia Hyles, Deb Mostert, Dianna Campbell, Elizabeth Willing, Ellie Anderson, Elly O'Neill, Fab Hatters, Gemma Smith, Georgia Gordon, Glenn Cooke, Grace Kevill-Davies, Greta Umbers, Jane Grigg, Jenny Sathngam, Josephine Perkins, Justin Stenton-Dozey, Karen Benjamin, Kate Summers, Kenneth Lyons, Keren Brown, Kerryanne Farrer, Kirsten Devitt, Kyla Stephan, Laura Horrocks, Lisa Pieca Pineapple (AKA Lisa Burnett), Lyle Duncan, Marie Fitzgibbon, Melissa Crothorn, Michael Gilmore (Pineapple from the Dawn of Time), Michelle Fleur, Miya White, Nicole James, Rachel Long, Renee Steenstra, Rodney Jensen, Sandra Eastern, Sandra McLean, Susan Dryden, Tim Askew and Matt Carroll, Tory Jones, Una Hollingworth, Vanessa Bovee, and Zara Monteith.

The artists would also like to thank Doug Jones at Golden Circle, and Ken Fullerton Jnr at Fullerton Farms.

Fallen Fruit (David Burns & Austin Young) / Fruit Machine: Yellow Pineapple 2014 / Image courtesy: The artists